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3 tier set up
Consisting of a water boiler
Cooler Mash Tun
Keg brew Kettle

I made most of this from cheap parts and Items I already had. The Total set up cost me under 70 including the burner. I reckon if you don't have any parts you could still do it for 150 - 200. The hardest part is getting hold of a legal keg.

  The hot water set up. HLT
All I can say about this is I guess it should be done by a competent plumber or electrician!
I don't want to give instructions because if your not competent in what your doing it could be dangerous.

Mash Tun
A Colman cooler and general plumbing bits.

The manifold is from 22mm copper pipe and is only part soldered so hat it comes apart easily for cleaning. It reduces to 15mm pipe to connect to a tap connector in turn attached to the 3" brass nipple that goes through the cooler wall.

The Brew Kettle
I cut the top from a keg (legally acquired) had a stainless steel male nipple fitted at a local pipe fabricators for the cost of 3 bottles of beer. The filler pipe is drilled at the end to aid aeration. The hop filter is made from stainless mesh from window screening.

The Burner. Due to the lack of availability in the UK this is the best I could get for a reasonable price 18,000btu.
Oh how I'd love a $30 100,000btu Turkey fryer!
Wort Chiller :
Made from 10mm central heating copper tubing and bent by hand.
Fermenting Set up
1 week in the 25L glass carboy.
2 weeks in the 25L glass carboy..
3 weeks in the keg or bottles or corny keg.
I'm using 70% nitrogen and 30% CO2
Dispensing and storage.
I have one corny and several pressure barrels the gas set up is a Mr Widget jobby.


Any comments, suggestions or questions then I can be found here. (Orfy)

"They take wheat barley, spelt, rye or oats, either one kind, or two or three together; they steep them in a fresh spring or good running running water or (which is even better) in boiled hop water, until the grain bursts out. Then the water is run off and the grains dried in the sun. The water in which the grain is steeped is kept; when the grains are dry they are ground in the mills and the meal is putis put into the aforementioned steep water. It is let boil for three to four hours and the hops added and all boiled up to a good froth. When that is done it is filled into other vessels. Some put a leaven into it and this soon gains a sharp biting flavour and is pleasant to drink."
Tabernaemontanus - 1588